Superior  Customer Services

Why Choose YBSS

Customer Service

We are committed to customer service and the fact that our business is more than 15-years in opertaion is testimony to this. As an SMME enterprise we are able to give our clients a personal service often going out of way to satisfy an urgent need. No job is too small and no job is too difficult. We make things happen. 

Partnership Agreements

Our partnership Agreements and Service Level Agreements allows us access to stock very quickly and in most case we are able to deliver same day or in a 24 -48 hour period.

Technical Expertise

Our technical division and support services is the backbone to our after-sales support and allows us to service our clients in line with the agreed Service Level Agreements. Also provides us with the competency of doing first line resolution for under warranty equipment


Over the many years that we have been in business we have built strong relationships not only with clients and suppliers but also with our peers in the industry. Small businesses within our industry sometimes have to work together in order to deliver on complex and demanding projects where a broad range of skills and competencies are required. These relationships strengthens us in terms of our skills based and ability to deliver. 


Yomelele Business Solutions has been in business for almost twenty years. A lot of goodwill has been developed in the business and strong industry and client relationships. We have established a reputation for service delivery and the fact that we have been in business for slong is testimony to the resilience that permeates the business.


The purpose of this email is to extend our gratitude for the service received from Yomelele Business Solutions.


During these unprecedented times it was an absolute pleasure doing business with your organisation. With minimal time to plan and execute our company strategy in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we turned to Yomelele Business Solutions to assist us with procurement of IT equipment to enable working from home solutions. The response was quick, efficient and service-driven. Our expectations were not only met, but also exceeded in that we received much needed advice and guidance in terms of the suggested equipment. From the moment we engaged with Yomele Solutions we knew we were in great hands! While many other vendors were unable to meet our requirements, your organisation turned a potentially dire situation into a success story! 


Our staff are currently working from home and we've been successful in enabling business continuity. Medpages International is a Data Management company in the healthcare sector and we partner with well known companies such as International and local pharmaceutical companies, medical aid companies and all the major hospital groups to name but a few. Our role in the industry is to ensure that healthcare provider information is validated, accurate and current - for the benefit of the public and private sector. We believe this is an important role, especially during this very unusual time. We'd like to thank you for the support provided which has enabled us to fulfil this very important function in the industry. 


Sending warm regards and well wishes to you and the staff at Yomelele Business Solutions! 


We would highly recommend YBS as a preferred supplier.


We had the pleasure of working closely with Victor Mcbryne for more than 20 years. He was engaged as partner of choice in the hardware and IT peripheral space. We value and appreciate his expertise, his energy, his personalized service and the fact that he takes executive custody of all requests no matter how big or small.


He embodies service and we were very fortunate to be able to exploit his deep experience and knowledge and his ability to operate independently. YBS has the attitude of daring but still caring. No challenge is too great and no request is too small. The humility of the leadership of the organization shines through in everything that YBS do.


What makes Yomelele Business Solutions special is their ability to execute at the strategic and operational levels, to lead, guide, conceptualise and deliver on time, every time. Procurement management was always expedient, fair and slick with deals always simple and fair whenever YBS was engaged. The delivery of service was of a high standard and exceeded the demanding expectations of the Executive Leadership at my organization and its end users.


Victor’s friendly disposition coupled with his authentic morals and genuine values makes him a popular and capable human that sets him apart from the bigger players in this space. He has the ability to make you think and play back just how ridiculous our service request is yet, he will still manage to exceed your expectation. Comfort and confidence in his abilities is the order of the day and he could be trusted to deliver at a responsive rate that differentiates him from most.


I will continue to walk a sustainable path with YBS because it is a privilege to work with Victor and make use of his services. I highly recommend him to any organization and know that he could add value to a potential customer. He adds values with strong deep rooted personal values.